Sunday, May 3, 2009

The title says it all

What can I learn from Yoga that I can't learn from real life? No, seriously, this is a serious question... what am I ever possibly going to learn while sweating profusely all over my mat while some dude at the front of the class tells me that I'm a sleeping dog.

I'm educated. I'm an educated person. I like to read, I like to follow the news, I like to make literary allusions and explain things to people with metaphors. But what I don't like to do is feel horribly uncomfortable and dehydrated, and then listen to other people after a good yoga "workout" (we'll address this later) talk about how it's changed their lives and they now understand relaxation.

Hey man, I fucking invented relaxation. And I hate to admit it but sometimes I like to listen to Jimmy Buffet while drinking a margarita. If that's not relaxation, than what is?

So I beg the question, and will try to answer it with this blog... what can I learn from yoga that I can't learn from real life? I'm open to any possible answers that I will then shoot down.

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